Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

What a gorgeous day.   As I'm working on this, the evening news is on and the weatherman reported 88 degrees for the high today.  We had a wonderful brunch on the patio with all of the normal Easter goodies.  Liz dyed a bunch of eggs and the colors were so bright and fun.  Her tulips from the Netherlands were so pretty and really made the garden look festive.  The best part of the day  was when Shannon (our niece 16) drove up in her new VW Bug.  Before she got out of the car, uncles Ed and Rob had the hood of the car up and were poking around.  They couldn't figure out how to get at the transmission fluid.  Shannon said "I don't need to know all that... that's what the mechanic is for!"  

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Purplicious said...

Its not fair, we've had snow this weekend. I think we're due a bit of sunshine in May, if we're really lucky.