Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Judi's Blog Premiere

Today MaryJo (McGraw) talked me into blogging.  What the heck did she get me into!!??? I guess it's just another "thing" on my list things to have fun with.  So...my thoughts? 

Ummm, dessert.  Do you remember Jello 1-2-3?  I had a craving for Jello the other day, but somehow plain Jello just didn't sound good enough. I remember Jello 1-2-3 was one of those really fancy Jello desserts Mom made on a very rare occasion, and I know they discontinued making it. For some reason this sounded perfect. So when Rob (chief Chef, grocery shopper and dishwasher) asked what I wanted I asked for Jello 1-2-3.  He managed to find a recipe and voila.  Now if can  just convince him he doesn't need to make it in a 8 ounce glass...


TAG said...

I can't believe it is unavailable it was sosoooo delicious!

MaryAnn said...

Congratulations on your Blog Premiere! I've been enjoying your craft tv episodes and look forward to following your blog.
And now you've set me on a quest for the Jello 1-2-3 recipe...

ginny said...

I am so glad to see you here. I'll link you to my blog.
I remember 123 and also my mom leaning parfait glasses of jello at an angle in the frig and then adding more layers, always in different colors. Oh so mid-century, don't you think?
Say hi to Rob and to Peggy for me.

inkyheart said...

Now I need to find this stuff. Where did he find the recipe? Oh, the memories! I'm glad you are blogging. Keep it up. :o)

ncurryartiste said...

Oh my gosh...I haven't thought of Jello 1,2,3 for years and years. Thanks for the blast from the past and congrats on entering the blogging world. I'll add you to my links later on tonight!

LauraH said...

I am another one that loved 123 Jello as a kid. Why oh Why did they stop making it... I was on google looking for Jello Pics and saw the box of 123 Jello and now I want some... maybe we all should start writing to the Jello company and tell them to bring it back.. LOL

LauraH said...

Hey Look what I found... I might give this a try... Let me know if any of your have any luck with this recipe...

123 Jello Recipe

This recipe takes a little practice, but it turns out just as you remember it.

1 (6 ounce) package Jello gelatin
1/2 cup non-dairy powdered coffee creamer
2 tablespoons powdered egg whites
2 cups hot water
1 1/2 cups cold water
1/2 cup ice
Mix Jello and hot water in a blender about 1 minute on high.

Add creamer and blend for 30 seconds.

Add cold water and ice and blend until ice has dissolved.

Add powdered egg whites and blend for about one minute.

Pour into glasses slowly.

Refigerate and it will separate just like you remember it.

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new blog, Judi! I have been a fan of your designs for years! Guess what? Both you AND Mary Jo McGraw have been nominated for a blog award! Please see my blog for details!!!!